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Bagamoyo - The City of Lost Hearts

Everywhere you read how Bagamoyo was the capital of German East Africa, and everyone at Bagomoy would like to remind you. The five years from 1886 to 1891 have long been gone and honestly, it has to be from the German colonial administration that they have chosen Bagamoyo as their first residence in East Africa. Although it may have been a logic. There was a harbor. Big enough for ocean-going ships to land here. There were businessmen who knew the hinterland. For centuries, slaves were traded here, and it was thanks to slave trade that the city gained its name, which is translated as "The City of Lost Hearts." Every slave who went to the unknown left his heart, his past. Today, it's all but memories and records in chronicles. The city cathedral and the ruins of old buildings in different places in the city are certainly not the only reason, why go to Bagamoya. The main one is a special atmosphere that lets you feel the slightly decadent image of the decomposition of the old world and the impossibility of building something new. A typical picture of many places in Africa.

The town of Bagamoyo, Tanzania, was founded at the end of the 18th century. It was (also spelled Bagamojo) the original capital of German East Africa and was one of the most important trading ports along the East African coast. Today the town has about 30,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the District of Bagamoyo, recently being considered as
a world heritage site.

Bagamoyo was recently designated as Tanzania’s seventh world heritage site and is the oldest town in Tanzania. Bagamoyo’s history has been influenced by Arab and Indian traders, the German colonial government and Christian missionaries. Although Bagamoyo is no longer the busy port city that it once was, Tanzania’s Department of Antiquities is working to revitalize the town and maintain the dozens of ruins in and around Bagamoyo.

Bagamoyo was the major slave trading post in East Africa. Bagamoyo, which means ‘lay down your heart’ in Swahili, was probably given this name because Bagamoyo was the last place the slaves would stay in Tanzania before being shipped off to foreign lands. Although the slave trade officially ended in 1873, slaves continued to be sold and traded in Bagamoyo through the end of the nineteenth century.

During the slave trade, it was not uncommon to see hundreds of slaves walking through the streets of Bagamoyo chained together by the neck. Slaves were collected from the interior by capture, purchase or trade and then shipped to Zanzibar or Arab countries.


Bagamoyo City Tour Covers:-

Ruins of coral Mosque at Kaole, graves and other things dated 13th.Century, Old Ferry on the mighty Wami River, Remainders of the SlaveTrade: Shackle rings, Stone pens, etc., The town itself with its college of Arts, The Mother of all Cathedrals in East and Central Africa, Crocodile Farm,  Fish Market, Colonian Graveyards, buildings of interest, The Snake Dance upon previous arrangements. (An extra charge will apply). The town itself with its college of Arts,Picture taking and entrances at extra cost.

Lunch at extra cost and afternoon at leisure at a New Bagamoyo Beach Resort for Enjoying French Cousine or At Travellors Lodge which Tourist Prefers as well.

1 Day Excursion 

Departure at 0900HRS

Evening drive back to Dar es Salaam.

Cost per person $80.- USD (minimum 2 Pax)

2 days 1 night Bagamoyo Tour.

Day 1(First Day) 

08:00 Drive to Bagamoyo via Kaole Ruins for a visit.

12:00 Lunch at New Bagamoyo Beach Resort.

15:00 Visit of different places of interest around Bagamoyo.

Dinner and overnight at New Bagamoyo Beach Resort.

Day 2 (Second Day)

The whole morning at leisure on the beach. 

10.30 Tour to Visit of different places of interest around Bagamoyo. 

12:00  Lunch at the Resort.

After lunch Drive back to Dar es Salaam.


2 nights /3 days Bagamoyo Tour.

Day 1 (First Day)

08:00 Drive to Bagamoyo via Kaole Ruins for a visit.

12:00 Lunch at New Bagamoyo Beach Resort or Travellors Lodge or equivalent.

15:00 Visit of different places of interest around Bagamoyo.

Dinner and overnight at New Bagamoyo Beach Resort.

Day 2 (Second Day)

The whole morning at leisure on the beach.

Lunch at the Resort.

15:00 Visit of the old ferry on WAMI River.

Dinner and overnight at New Bagamoyo Beach Resort.

Day 3 (Third Day)

Morning free at the beach. Lunch at the Resort.

15:00 Drive back to Dar es Salaam

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African Pride Holidays Will Give you the Best Package of the Town. Bagamoyo City is Well Worth to Visit.

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