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Morogoro is 195 km west of Dar es Salaam, is a beautiful region with the Uluguru Mountains, can natural forests and endemic bird species. Apart from these attractions, visitors an enjoy mountain hikes, historical sites, waterfalls, panoramic viewpoints and glimpses of the local culture.

Morogoro lies at the base of the Uluguru Mountains and is a centre of agriculture in the region. The Sokoine University of Agricultureis based in the city. A number of missions are also located in the city, providing schools and hospitals.

Morogoro is the home of Salim Abdullah, who was the founder of the Cuban Marimba jazz band, and the Morogoro Jazz Band, another well-known band established in 1944. From the mid-1960s to the 1970s, Morogoro was home to one of Tanzania's most influential and celebrated musicians, Mbaraka Mwinshehe, a lead guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Morogoro is home to the Amani Centre, which has helped over 3,400 disabled people in the surrounding villages.



Walk through Towelo and Ruvuma village to Morning Side, an old German settlement. Walk back through scenic farmlands.

Madola tour
Visit Madola village to meet a traditional healer.

Madola is the village of healer, from Morogoro town to madola village it takes 2hrs up and 2hrs down or less than, almost the whole tour it takes 5 to 6 hrs (Day trip).
• Get to know shilling mbili is used to heal patient ( sick person)
• Enjoy waluguru traditional dance at Madola village
• It is possible to do overnight tour at Madola village
• You might see nice scenery over Morogoro Town
• You might see nice scenery over Morogoro Town

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Usolo tour
Drive through Mikuyuni centre to Usolo where you can enjoy walking, fishing, and meeting the locals.

Nugutu traditional village tour
Participate in village life of the Walugulu people-try traditional food and drink, dance with them and learn to make handicrafts.

Kinole village tour

towards Morogoro through Tegetero and Bangilo villages and forest reserves. Here too, you have the opportunity of seeing blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and birds.

Kinole is the remote area from Morogoro town it takes 45km (2hrs) from Morogoro town .when you arrive at kinole village you can do the following activities such as :
• Hiking to Kitundu hills where you might see natural forestcc
• Hiking to kisimbi waterfall , swim in fresh and cool water
• Meet chief of waluguru ( Chief Kingalu Mwanabanzi)
• Hiking from kinole to Tegetero village there you might see ugulo forest ( place where chief of tegetero village ( chief magoma ) was worshipping and visit Fukwi rock where luguru people where hiding during the colonial time.
• It is possible to arrange overnight tours at kinole village

Lupanga tour
Start from Morogoro and pass through lush farmlands before you go uphill to the second highest peak of the Uluguru. Enjoy the waterfalls, rainforest, endemic species of birds, insects and monkeys.

Bunduki tour
Swim and camp at the Hululu waterfall site.

Lukwangulu Plateau tour

A panoramic view is on offer from the only plateau in the Ulugurus. There is the option of staying overnight with the villagers.

Maasai village tour
Stay overnight in a Maasai village with the colourful tribe and partake in their traditional meals and markets.

Driving from Morogoro town to Maasai its about 40 kms.
• Maasai story Telling
• Mad hut tour ( visiting Maasai hut)
• Visiting orpulu (Maasai conference place )
• Stringing Bristles ( Hand crafts)
• Maasai Traditional Dance
• Milking Cows
• Grazing Cows and Goats
• Visit maasai market on Friday

Town tour
Take a tour of Morogoro town-walk, drive or ride. African Pride Holidays Can Arrange for a Tour Guide.

Kibwe waterfall tour
Walk to the seasonal Kibwe waterfall and view Morogoro town from the peaks of the Uluguru Mountains.

Kigurunyembe tour
Feel the cool waters of a rock stream and take a dip. Or just camp beside it and refresh yourself.

Morogoro is Also famous for ADVENTURE Tours

Explore Morogoro by using bicycle
=>Mwanzo mgumu
=>Around Morogoro Town


Uluguru Mountain


It is possible to hike in some villages which are in the slopes of Uluguru Mountain such as Madola Traditional Village (village of traditional Healer), Choma Village ,Morning side ( where there is old German settlement) and other village.

Fishing tour

Enjoy local fishing at mindu dam with local people and enjoy view of the place.

Udzungwa National Park

It is possible to drive from Morogoro town to Udzungwa mountain National park, it is about 182 km, whole tour it takes 8 to 9 hours (up and down) there might see Sanje waterfall (2579m) is spectacular one day climb is the home of endemism species such as iringa red colobus,sanje crested mangabey and others endemic species are available there.

N:B We channel tourist to Usambara Mountain and Amboni Cave in Tanga Region.

Uluguru Mountain is the eastern arc mountain started in Kenya from Taita hills up to southern Tanzania ( Makambako in Iringa Region).It has three peak the first one is Kimhandu peak ( is not in use due to some research and renovation), second one is Lupanga peak (2150m) and the last one Bondwa peak ( 2080m) both peak are challenging and it takes 10 to 12 hours up and down except kimhandu it takes 4 to 5 days.

Community DevelopmentCultural Tourism contributes to community development through providing employment to local people who works as Tour Guides, Coordinators of Cultural Tourism Enterprises, traditional dancing, storytelling, food service provision, accommodation service provision (home stays & camping) and through direct sales of goods and services to tourists.

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African Pride Holidays creates an opportunity for local people to sell goods and services directly to tourists. On the other hand, communities benefit indirectly through tax or levy on tourism income or profits with proceeds.

A number of development projects such as education, health, water, environmental conservation and orphanage centres have been supported by Village Development fees which make a small portion of the package price. Other tourists have been providing voluntary donations to support local development projects.

African Pride Holidays wil arrange all day tours, Safaris, trekking and cultural tours as per your choise.

We have all ranges of Hotels, Lodge, Camps available in Morogoro according to your Budget and preferences.

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