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About Selous Game Reserve   Park:-

Size: 50,000 sq. km (21,000 sq. miles).

Location: Southern Tanzania  

Getting There:-

Charter flights daily from Dar es Salaam .It takes 45 minutes.

What To Do:-
Boating safaris as well as standard game drives, walking safaris and legendary fly camping trips.

When To Go:-

The best time to visit the Selous (for ease of game viewing) is during the dry season, between late June and October.

Africa’s largest and oldest game reserve is one of its most scenic wildlife destinations; the Selous is utterly beautiful. The Great Ruaha River runs into Selous Game Reserve near the Matambwe Gate, north of Beho Beho Hills, through a landscape of volcanic hot sulfur springs, fast running rapids and river gorges where long-crested eagles hunt for shrews or even baby monkeys.

The beauty of the park is matched by the quality of a safari here; boating, walking and fly camping compliment standard game driving in thriving wildlife areas.  This is an outrageously good safari park and an essential component of any southern circuit itinerary.

 No permanent human settlements are allowed within its boundaries although Tanzania cultural village tour activities are encouraged outside the Selous reserve boundary. Apart from its massive herds of thousands of elephants and Cape buffalos, the reserve boasts a varied population of large mammals including huge pods of hippos and prides of lions as well as packs of African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus in Latin) and families of black rhinoceros.



3 Days Selous Game Reserve Safari