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Q:-  What is the age limitation for "Kilimanjaro Trekking" ?

A:-  According to the national park authorities, children under the age of 10 years are only allowed to hike until Shira Camp 2 (3900 m). There are no official restrictions for children above the age of 10 years but because the chances of children succumbing to mountain sickness are a lot higher than they are with adults, we recommend a minimum age of 14-16 years. Please note that children of all ages have to be accompanied by one of their parents at all times. Although there is no maximum age restriction, a medical check-up is advisable for climbers above the age of 60.


Q:-  What kind of clothes and  other gear you required for climb? 

A:-   There are a few things you should pack for a Kilimanjaro climb and as the list is quite extensive, you will receive a detailed packing list from us once you have confirmed the booking. For your convenience we also rent out all essential clothing items and other gear.


Q:-   Do I need any vaccinations ?

A:-   Tanzania is a yellow fever region ,you need to get yourself vaccinated for this.

In general we also recommend that you have all other shots such as Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio and Hepatitis A & B up to date.

Malaria is present in Tanzania but there are no mosquitoes at high altitude. It is your own choice if you wish to take any precautionary medication, but we suggest that you consult your doctor or travel clinic in this matter.


Q:- What about  TIPS ? 

A:-  Tips for the mountain crew are common practice. Gratuities are a large portion of the crew’s income and thus highly appreciated. Below are some recommendations from our side (per group, not per person): (valid for 2017-2018)

  • Guide: 15-18 USD per day
  • Assistant Guide: 12-15 USD per day
  • Cook: 8-10 USD per day
  • Waiter: 7-9 USD per day
  • Porter: 6-7 USD per day