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Lazy Lagoon is situated at the end of a thin spit of land that forms a lagoon of azure waters a little south of the town of Bagamoyo. The spit, and a number of tiny islands in the lagoon, are home to mangrove forests, with spectacular high and low tides; the latter revealing miles of white sands, exposed corals, and naked mangrove roots and trunks.
The mainland is home to a number of small fishing villages, from which you can get up early to watch the fishermen take their ngalawas out of the calm lagoon waters and out into the Indian Ocean. Depending on the winds and the tides, they return from noon onwards, sometimes stopping to sell their catch to the lodge.

Imagine a private island in the Indian Ocean, the waves lapping the white sandy beach just metres from your bed. The day stretches ahead with promises of sun, snorkeling and mangrove exploration, just interrupted by freshly prepared meals.

Lazy Lagoon

A small island with nine kilometers of deserted beaches on the Indian Ocean, that should be a good reason to go to Lazy Lagoon. And not much more than the sea and the beach do not wait. The bungalows are built very simply and the whole resort has a lot to do in the refurbished and refurbished resorts of Zanzibar. But that's what the owners wanted. Unprepossessing, rustic, as natural as possible. Quality bathrooms, comfortable room furnishing and excellent cuisine, of course, belong to the point. But everything is subordinate to the natural style. Those who are waiting for marble and air conditioning have to go elsewhere. Most visited by travelers who have just finished their safari. They want to relax at the end of the journey, compare all the wilderness experiences in their minds, and relaxation is the most precious thing for them. They do not want excitement and wild activity, seeking peace and quiet.

When to visit

Lazy Lagoon is open all year around.  Southern Tanzania has a 6 month dry season between the months of June to November, but the Coastal area does attract some rain showers throughout the year, so it is not quite so predictable. June/July is the cooler time of year and temperatures increase through the proceeding months until November when the main rains break.

Getting there

Being an island Lazy Lagoon is only accessible by boat.  The boat crosses several times per day so we will arrange to ferry you across on the most convenient crossing.

Lazy Lagoon is 70km north of Dar es Salaam and accessed
from Mbegani Fisheries Institute.
Car parking is available with 24 hr watchman.

GPS Co-ordinates
Co ordinates: 37M 497825.22mE 9286387.4 m S
38.98 long: -6.456 lat

African Pride Holidays Can Arrange Accomodation / Transport to Lazy Lagoon from Dar es salaam or Bagamoyo 


If lazing about on the beach or in the Swahili day-beds isn’t your thing, there is plenty to keep you busy; from snorkeling to kayaking, or historical trips to Bagamoyo or sun drenched dhow trips.


Wind and tides permitting, we have an excellent Laser I and Laser II to take out sailing, and an experienced manager to guide you. At most times of the day, the lagoon is largely sheltered from the onshore winds and makes an ideal spot to learn to sail.


 The coral off the coast is home to myriad fish, sea anenomies and countless other creatures to drift over and marvel at. For the   more ambitious, a dhow trip can take you further out. We have a number of sets of fins, snorkels and goggles for different ages   and sizes.


 We also have a number of one and two person Kayaks to explore the coastline around the lodge from a different perspective. We   have plenty of life jackets for all activities.


Depending on the tide, there are a number of spots where you can safely swim off the beach outside the main banda. At other times, when the currents are strong, or for those less adventurous, there is always the serenity of the swimming pool!


Follow in the footsteps of the notable explorers Burton, Speke, Grant and Stanley who all came through these parts. Take a historical tour of ancient trading port of Bagamoyo on the main coast, or wander down the spit exploring the flora and fauna of the mangrove forests.

Flora and Fauna

The mangrove forests of Lazy Lagoon forms a private nature reserve with many resident small mammals including Duiker and Suni Antelope.  Nocturnal guests may include Bush Babies and Genets.  Bird life and flowers are abundant especially during the wetter months.  Under the water lies another world of sea creatures, coral and fish – glimpses of the colour and variety of species can be seen in the many rock pools exposed in low tide where brightly coloured starfish can be seen.

African Pride Holidays Can Arrange Accomodation / Transport to Lazy Lagoon from Dar es salaam,Bagamoyo 

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