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Ferry Ticket for Dar es salaam / Zanzibar / Pemba

APH is offering Service of Booking Ferry Service for its Clients . We Recommand and Prefer Ferry Boats Run by Azam marine and Coastal Fast ferries 

Azam Marine - Sea Bus Fast Ferries
Azam Marine and Coastal Fast Ferries operate passenger ferry boats between the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and mainland Tanzania. Azam operates a fleet of five vessels – three catamarans, and one RIB Passengers speed boat. The speedboats are popular among local people and foreign tourists visiting Tanzania.

Azam Marine - Sea Bus Fast Ferries profile
As international tourists discover the magnificent destination of Tanzania, Azam Marine and Coastal Fast Ferries are moving with the times to provide them with swift and comfortable ferry services.The Tanzanian companies are pursuing a vigorous policy of modernizing and maintaining its fleet in line with fast-moving developments in the world of water transport.


We boast a fleet of 8 vessels with a spreed range from 25 knots up to 58 knots allowing passengers to be in Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam within 40 minutes. We believe in servicing our customers with the best options and convenience available, beginning from ROYAL, VIP to economy class, we are driven by our customer satisfaction. With the capability to carry minimum and maximum (around 500 passengers), we facilitate our services at all times. 

We welcome you on board.

Kilimanjaro IV

 Vessel Type: Catamaran

Total Capacity: 620 Seats

Capacity Breakdown:

VIP: 84 Seats

Business Class: 86 Seats

Economy Class: 466 Seats

Speed: 35 Knots  

MV Kilimanjaro

Vessel Type: Catamaran

Total Capacity: 425 Seats

Capacity Breakdown: VIP: 4 Seats

First Class: 100 Seats

Economy Class: 217 Seats

Speed: 25 Knots  

Kilimanjaro II

Vessel Type: Catamaran

Total Capacity: 410 Seats

Capacity Breakdown:

Premium Club: 60 Seats

First Class: 40 Seats

Economy Class: 206 Seats

Economy Sundeck: 104 Seats

Speed: 28 Knots

The Kilimanjaro III

 Vessel Type: Catamaran

Total Capacity: 540Seats

Capacity Breakdown: VIP: 74 Seats

Economy Class: 466 Seats

Speed: 32 Knots


Terms Of Travel & Ticket Rates

Terms Of Travel:

Permitted Luggage is 25 Kgs per person. Any additional will be chargeable.

Consumption and carriage of Alcoholic beverages is highly restricted.

No refund policy on missed travel date or time. In case of cancellation, office should be informed 2 Hours prior to departure.

Payment Information

No credit card payments.

Payment can only be done in TSh. and USD in Cash Only.


FARE CATEGORY                                                 ECONOMY          BUSINESS           VIP             ROYAL

RESIDENTS(10 Years and Older)                        Tshs 25,000         Tsh 35,0000     Tsh 50,000    Tshs 60,000

CHILD (Below 10 Years)                                      Tshs 15,000         Tsh 35,0000     Tsh 50,000    Tshs 60,000

NON RESIDENTSADULT (10 Years and Older)         USD 35               USD 40         USD 50          USD 60

CHILD (Below 10 Years)                                              USD 25               USD 40         USD 50         USD 60


* All the Bookings Done By African Pride Holidays will be Charged  Service Fees - Tsh. 5000/- for Resident & USD $ 2/- for Non- Resident Travellers (Non Refundable in case of Cancellation ).



ZANZIBAR - DAR ES SALAAM 09:30h 11.30h
ZANZIBAR - DAR ES SALAAM 12:30h 14.30h
ZANZIBAR - DAR ES SALAAM 15:30h 17.30h
ZANZIBAR - DAR ES SALAAM 09:30h 10.30h
ZANZIBAR - DAR ES SALAAM 12:30h 14.30h
ZANZIBAR - DAR ES SALAAM 15:30h 17.30h
ZANZIBAR - PEMBA 09:30h 15.30h
PEMBA - ZANZIBAR 09:30h          15.30h


Travel Tips

All foreign passengers (none Tanzanian citizens) are required to carry their passports when traveling between the islands of Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania.

Foreign passengers are required to pay for their tickets in United States Dollar (USD$). We do however accept payments in UK Pound Sterling (Stg?) and Euro (€). All other currencies are not acceptable.

Foreigners with resident permits or exemption certificates are allowed to pay for their fares in Tanzanian Shillings and will be charged the normal fares applicable for citizens.

Tanzanian citizens are encouraged to carry some identification to prove their citizenship.